Frequently asked questions

What does my Beat Pass license include?

My Beat Pass Unlimited License allows you to use music from the catalog in any music/video project on any platform worldwide. This license covers personal projects and even commercials. In short, everything a artist needs.

Can I download every beat on My Beat Pass catalog?

Yes! Your subscription gives you access to everything.

How long is my license valid? Does the license end if my subscription expires?

Any beat you download with an active subscription can be used in all your projects in perpetuity. Once you download a beat with a subscription, you’re licensed to use it in your projects forever.

Is the catalog regularly updated?

My Beat Pass catalog is current, dynamic and growing fast as more artists join our community. We add new music every day.

Can I edit/mix/render/re-master the music?

Sure! You can edit a beat to make it fit your project.